What Should I Wear?

DSC_2470Whatever you want … with some caveats! Make sure your outfit makes you feel good about yourself, but it shouldn’t be loose, baggy clothing. If we’re taking family or couple photos, consider coordinating your outfits. That doesn’t mean you all have to wear jeans and the same sweater. In fact, you each want to wear something that represents your personal style. We want you to look like you!

Select a color palette that is flattering to everyone being photographed, and then choose an outfit for each person within that palette. If you have an outfit in mind, start with that and work the others into the mix. Remember that bold colors help an image to really pop.

Need some inspiration? Try Pinterest or ask a friend for advice (girls’ night with a bottle of wine? Yes, please!). And you can alwaysDSC_3098-4 email or text me an image of what you have in mind to get some feedback. Also, while we can do one wardrobe change if you’d like to, remember that this will take time and can be tedious for young children. Consider changing out just a shirt or bringing some accessories (scarves, hats, different shoes, jewelry, etc.) to switch it up without eating up too much time or energy.