We all just wanna have fun!

Being in front of a camera can be uncomfortable, even if you’ve asked for it! Remind yourself that we are here to have fun. My goal is to capture your personality, so I want your images to look as natural as possible. While I might give you direction on posture or where to place your hands, I want it to look like I snapped photos of you in your normal, daily activities.

If you have a favorite pastime or personality trait you want to highlight, let’s get it on camera! If you want to get creative with posing or props, we can do that too.

Let’s have fun!

And laughing is a must. I have only three rules for photo shoots: have fun, have fun and have fun!

If you’d like an idea of what to do once you’re standing in front of the camera, here are some tips to help you look your best:

  • Stick out your chin slightly. People tend to tuck their chin when they’re nervous or trying to stand up straight.
  • Stand up straight. Yeah, I know. But it helps if you think of reaching the top of your head to the sky.
  • Keep your arms away from your body. This gives them definition and prevents your torso from looking wider than it is.
  • Bend, but don’t snap! (Legally Blonde fans will get this one). You generally want your joints to be slightly bent, as it looks softer and more natural. Avoid standing rigid with locked knees and elbows, unless there’s a certain look you’re going for.
  • Turn slightly away from the camera. This gives a slenderizing effect and shows the more natural curvature of the body.
  • Smile! There’s no need to say “cheese” and force a smile, but we do want to look happy in our family pictures (right?). The best way to get a natural smile is to laugh. Let me know if you need me to tell a joke. Knock, knock …

These are just some suggestions to help you feel prepared for and comfortable with getting in front of the camera. If you have any tricks that work for you, be sure to bring them up when we get together for your photo session!